Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Lesson Learned...

So, while I've been out trying to be "Super-engineer" the past 2 weeks, I've successfully reduced my workout time to about 30 mins/week. I have felt down, depressed (hence all the complaining on the our regular blog), and I have gained back some of the weight I lost in November.

Yesterday I was feeling really discouraged. I felt like my fat was growing. Ah! So, David and I were discussing how I can get back on track before we went to bed last night.. I decided there were a couple problems.

  1. I'm not tracking all my food intake anymore. I need to be more regular about writing it all down.
  2. I'm not getting some of the pep talks I got at the WW meetings since I quit. (But I still don't think that I will re-join yet. Dave convinced me that it would be a greater victory to lose weight on my own.)
  3. I am trying to juggle working extra hours, preparing for Christmas, and maintain the same level of health/fitness and plan out all my meals to be healthy. It is just not working. I think in my mind that if I work extra hours at my job that it shouldn't effect my health/fitness, etc. I thought that I was just not used to it but maybe next week I could begin to handle the working extra and still not suffer health/fitness-wise. However, last night I started thinking about it realistically.... If I work an extra hour each day at my job, then that takes away the hour in the evening I would spend at the gym. If I decide to go to the gym anyways (which I usually don't do cuz I am tired at that point and feel I deserve a night off cuz I worked so hard), then I end up getting home an hour later. I am grouchier when I get home then and rush through making dinner because I'm starving. I make poor choices about what to eat or I just plain overeat good foods b/c I'm "starving". Anyways, then David suffers b/c I get in a bad mood from waiting to eat, and he has to wait too, and then I gain weight and feel bad about my looks and...yeah....then we just don't have the same relationship. Whew! It's a domino effect. What a disaster. Just from working a little extra. Ahhhhhh.... Anyways, so we decided that I should really make working out a priority. I will not lose weight even if I eat the same amount if I'm not exercising like I normally do. We're paying for a gym membership. I might as well use it.
  4. But then............I worked till 6:15 tonight (an extra hour and 45 mins....). I called Dave. He said he'd be at work till at least 8. So I worked out and came home to an empty house.

And now I'm this all there is to life???

(Ok. So I didn't really mean to end this post all depressed-sounding...I really am feeling good about stuff since I worked out. It's an instant mood lifter. I just wish Dave were here to share it with me....ok. yeah. depressed-sounding again. I think I should just give up and call it a night! See ya!)

Friday, December 01, 2006

lost 4.2 lbs in november. yes!