Thursday, October 15, 2009

food diary

points allotted - 25

no breakfast - slept in...

beef soft taco - 7
taco chips - 2
1/3 pepsi - 1

soft pretzel - 3
lemon fluff dessert - 4

potato soup - 6

fruit salad - 2

0 points leftover at end of day

Monday, October 12, 2009

new weight loss strategy

wear tight pants so that i can't hardly breathe. when i think of eating food, won't want to anymore. i came up with this strategy when i realized that i could triple my wardrobe for free if i reintroduced all my tight pants.


i'm putting away my summer clothes and getting out my winter ones. somehow all my sweaters shrunk while they were in the attic in a box...or....maybe i just got bigger! i was afraid of this. i hate tight clothes. i hate tight clothes. i hate tight clothes. seriously, i have to get real. and lose weight. seriously. expect more posts in the near future