Tuesday, September 22, 2009


sept 11-20 - ate lots of rice and beans and anything that wouldn't upset my stomach in costa rica. lost about 4 lbs over the 10 days.

sept 21 - back home...

breakfast -
homemade oatmeal with raisins and walnuts - 5 pts

snack -
fiber one oats and chocolate bar - 2 pts

lunch -
green beans - 0 pts
WW lasagna meal - 6 pts
coke zero - 0 pts

dinner - 1/2 of a large papa johns pizza pepperoni - 28
3 bites cheesecake factory pumpkin cheesecake - probably 100 points!
pepsi - 3

points allowance - 25
points balance at end of day -

well, there you have it. one horrible dinner ruined my good day. i had only used 13 points by dinnertime and then i ate waaaay to much pizza. oh well, lesson learned. pizza is not for me right now since i lack the self control to eat 1 or 2 pieces. :)

also, we rode our bikes about 2 miles last night.

Thursday, September 10, 2009


no exercise today. we fasted in prep for our mission experience so i didn't want to burn off all the energy that i had.

drank water until 6 pm
then had lasagna, salad, bread and a brownie

it's amazing how little food we actually need. :)


I'm back and I'm really, really going to lose weight again. I'm determined. Here's a log of my activity for the last 5 days and eating for the last 2 days (it took me a few days to actually start tracking my food intake...)

9/5 - walked 1.5 miles in a.m.

9/6 - walked 0.8 miles in a.m.
         biked 4.0 miles in p.m.

9/7 - walked 0.8 miles in a.m.

9/8 - walked 1.7 miles (treadmill) in a.m.
         walked 0.7 miles in p.m.
         biked 2.5 miles in p.m.

breakfast - water, mini bagel with cream cheese and low sugar strawberry jam
lunch - hot dog on bun, sour cream and onion chips, green beans, corn dog, coke
snacks - Fiber One oats and choc bar and skim milk
              1/2 cookies and cream poptart, grapes
dinner - apple with PB and cream cheese
             soft pretzel
             white rice and eggroll
             starbucks caramel maccchiato ice cream with choc chips in it

after this day I felt like an idiot. that's a LONG list of food. people in some other countries would only have rice for dinner, not all that other junk. and after having hot dogs for lunch. ah! And when did I start drinking pop again? And I really need to shop my choc chip obsession. Seriously! I claim that I am on a diet, but this really doesn't look like a diet to me.

9/9 - walked 1.76 miles (treadmill) in a.m.
         biked 5 miles in p.m.

breakfast - ham, egg & cheese mini bagel and iced tea
snack - apple
lunch - side salad with colonial dressing, bisucit & honey and beef vegetable soup (bob evans)
snack - soft pretzel with mustard
dinner - dave's leftover chix noodle and mashed potatoes from bob evans (1/2 of the meal)
             a couple spoonfuls of that starbucks ice cream with some pecans on top and extra caramel. yep.

after this day i felt a little better about my eating habits. but i still see some things I could work on