Tuesday, November 03, 2009

the dessert challenge!

in order to not fall back into my old patterns i'm seeking out all kinds of people to hold me accountable for my newfound willpower and diet. skipped dessert for 2 meals today!

this weekend of skipping dessert with my father in law has inspired me. i would like to skip dessert from now until christmas and i am looking for people to join in this challenge with me!!

here are the rules:
1. we can have 53 free dessert passes between now and christmas (we can indulge in whatever insanely high calorie filled thing we want on 53 separate occasions, no questions asked.) - the number was upped from 3 to 5 to allow for christmas parties before christmas...
2. we can still have granola bars, applesauce, fruit, yogurt, pudding, sugar free items (within reason), and hot drinks such as coffee and cocoa, etc.
3. but in general - no ice cream, cake, pie, brownies or cookies, none of the really indulgent, gluttonous stuff.

i have never embarked on such a challenge but i'm determined to do this. if some others join in this challenge with me, especially for health reasons, then i think that i will find it even easier to stick with it. :) let me know if you're in!

1 comment:

Esther said...

Just want to clarify something before I commit. If I eat a snack size candy bar while standing up BEFORE my meal, that wouldn't be dessert, would it?