Thursday, November 12, 2009


weighed myself this morning and i'm down a total of 4 lbs. yes!! i'm so excited. this is the lowest i've been in like 18 months. :) i called dave on his way to work and he was like "you're really doing it!!" haha, he knows about all my failed attempts in the last 2 years or so. but this is the NEW me. i wish that my neck felt better than it does right now though. i am not sure that i can work out feeling like this. headed to the chiropractor for the 2nd day in a row today.

also, i'd like to report that 10 days into the no dessert challenge, i'm still doing really well. i've decided to schedule my 5 free passes (where i can have dessert) so i can look forward to them and i won't blow it on a not so important day. so far i've determined the first 2. they will be next week for david's bday and on thanksgiving day. then i will probably save the other 3 for the month of december, when we might have christmas parties or something, before actual Christmas day...

good luck to the rest of you in your weight loss journeys!

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